From installer to system developer

1988 – 1998

The history of Hydewa begins with the establishment of an installation company in the 80s.

After processing the then standard PVC cladding in the early years, the ever-innovative company not only discovered the modern Glasbord® material made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) when exporting its PVC panels in 1990, but also immediately recognized the forward-looking significance of GRP panels for use in production and storage facilities that require the highest standards of hygiene. The immediate application for distribution rights was quickly crowned with success: The Upper Franconian specialists for hygienic ceiling and wall systems were granted the right to distribute Glasbord® in several European countries.

Founding of the GmbH


With the founding of the GmbH in November 1998, the company specialized exclusively in system development and sales of project-specific building hygiene solutions.

Who would have suspected at that time that this company would develop into a competent Glasbord® system developer, respectively the world's largest Glasbord® distributor outside North America, market leader in German-speaking countries and thus a top address in the field of building hygiene?

New markets

2008 – 2010

At the end of 2008, we were granted the distribution rights for France, which were implemented with the foundation and partnership of Hydewa France S.A.S in January 2009.

Likewise, since February 2010, we also hold the distribution rights for the United Kingdom with the subsidiaries Hydewa UK Ltd.

A big step


At the end of this year, Hydewa reached a new milestone.

In order to meet the demand and to advance the technical development, we decided to build our own production line.

Here we have been producing sandwich panels since November 2013. This production line, specially designed for us, produces and packages panels of the highest precision with extremely low tolerances over a total length of approx. 90 meters.

The production line also allows us to realize special solutions with different face sheets and core materials and now enables us to advance developments in order to better respond to market situations.

Growth in Europe

2015 – 2021

Since 2015, we have gained a sales partner on the Italian market in the form of the company Ferbox from Legnano.

In the meantime, we have expanded our covered storage area to approximately 2800 m² and our outdoor area to an additional 1000 m² with the construction of a warehouse.

This has allowed us to optimize not only our storage but also our logistics handling.

The Hydewa family gets growth in 2018 in the form of a partnership Hydewa Benelux B.V. Due to the new location in the Netherlands and Belgium, customers and installation partners in the Benelux countries can now be served and advised even better.

“He who ceases to improve has ceased to be good” was once the premise of entrepreneur Philip Rosenthal.

We at Hydewa also follow this motto by working on the optimization and further development of our systems and always try to meet the new challenges on the market.