The conception of Hydewa occurred back in 1988 in the city of Bayreuth/Oberfranken. Who would have guessed back then that the company which was founded as an installer operation for the food industry, would create a true success story and evolve into a competent Glasbord® system developer, the world’s largest Glasbord® distributor outside of North America, and a premium choice in the field of construction hygiene?

After a time where PVC panels common to the 80’s were processed, the continuously innovative company didn’t just discover the modern Glasbord® material made of fibre reinforced resin (FRP) during its export activities in 1990, but immediately recognized the future importance of FRP panels for the use in production and storage sites, which require the highest hygiene standards. The immediate application for the distribution rights was quickly rewarded with success: The upper Franconian specialists for hygienic wall and ceiling systems was granted the right to distribute Glasbord® in several European countries, and conducted the installation work itself or through a subsidiary until 1988.

With the founding of the GmbH in November 1998, the company specialized exclusively in area of system development and the distribution of project-specific construction hygiene solutions. The most successful product of Hydewa GmbH is Glasbord®, which – last but not least through the pore-free surface finishing Surfaseal – is utilized in food manufacturing companies, but also in the medical field as well as in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries due to its excellent hygiene conditions and the exceptional ease of cleaning.


In late 2008 the distribution rights for France were granted to us, which were operationally implemented with the creation and partnership in the Hydewa France S.A.S in January 2009.


Likewise, we received the distribution rights for the United Kingdom in February 2010, which are implemented with the subsidiary company Hydewa UK Ltd.


In late 2013 a new milestone for the company Hydewa had been reached.

In order to meet the demand and promote the technical development, we started to manufacture sandwich elements on our own production plant in November 2013. This production line which was specifically designed for us, produces and packages panels in the highest precision with extremely small tolerances over a total length of about 90m.

The production facility now allows us to work with various facings and core materials in order to realize special solutions.

The Hydewa GmbH is therefore now capable of responding even better to the market situation, and advance developments as well as test runs in-house.


Since 2015, we also have a Hydewa Distributor on the Italian market with the company Ferbox from Legnano.

2017 / 2018

With the construction of a new warehouse, we have expanded our storage area to approx. 1700m². As a result, we not only optimized storage, but also our logistics processing.


The Hydewa family continues to grow. With the partnership we have further expanded our sales area since February 2018. Thanks to our new location in the Netherlands, customers and assembly partners in the Benelux countries can now be advised even better.