Brewing and Beverage

To ensure that drinking remains a pleasure, all sectors of the beverage industry, whether brewery, malt house, vintner, or soft drink producer, are faced with ever more exacting regulations and high customer demands in terms of hygiene.

High consistent quality of the noble drops as well as best production conditions are always an indispensable asset.

For years, Hydewa has been regarded as a competent partner of the beverage industry. With our hygienic ceiling and wall systems, we have implemented many hygiene concepts specifically adapted to the respective company.

In this context, we rely above all on Glasbord®, which is characterized by its ease of cleaning as well as its resistance to acids and alkalis.


All-round suitable GRP – solutions for your field of application. Find out about the properties, areas of application and possibilities of GRP for your specific area of application.

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Textured GRP surfaces create a bright, friendly room atmosphere without neglecting the hygiene aspect.

A real alternative that meets both the requirements, design, maintenance and hygiene regulations.

GRP surfaces are naturally insensitive to bacteria, mold and germs. In particular, the surface of Glasbord® in particular does not provide a breeding ground for germs and microorganisms. Furthermore, due to the good cleanability, no dirt remains on the surface for bacteria to adhere to!

Our system is easy to clean. The special Surfaseal film sealant on the surface of the Glasbord® panels makes them particularly easy to clean. Dirt can be washed off easily, quickly and without residue in just a few steps.

Our GRP panels guarantee faster and more efficient installation than tiles, steel or stainless steel. This is mainly due to the low proportion of joints in the panels. Grouting is therefore less time-consuming.


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