With the innovative process, the entire room is fogged homogeneously and dry with the biological and certified disinfectant Defeat AR®. This enables complete air and surface disinfection without any contaminants in the shortest possible time.

In this process, the room air serves as a carrier and the dry fogger thus automatically disinfects the entire room, including all objects in it. Compared to conventional wipe disinfection, a much more effective disinfection is achieved with considerably less effort.

Effective against viruses, spores, bacteria, fungi and odors

  • Can be used quickly and everywhere
  • Sustainable and biological without pollutants
  • Dry disinfection without residues

Tested quality from Germany for the world

The biological disinfectant is certified and approved according to European standards EN 13727, EN 13624 and EN 14476.

A salt solution and an innovative process form the basis for an effective biological agent. This is so safe that it is also used for disinfecting drinking water and in the medical sector.

Defeat AR® has been dermatologically tested and rated “very good”. According to international guidelines, no toxic-irritative incompatibility reactions occurred.

Apollon Nebulizer 100

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