Hydewa Sandwichsysteme

## **Sandwich panels for different purposes** There are no standard solutions off the peg at Hydewa. We want to know exactly how you think and work, where your priorities lie, what problems you face, what your requirements are in terms of room cladding, hygiene, quality and functionality. Together with you, we carefully analyze your company’s production processes and special requirements in order to create a hygiene concept tailored to your company’s needs. In addition to excellent effectiveness in the field of building hygiene, [Glasbord®](https://www.hydewa.de/en/solutions/glasbord/) stands out above all for its versatility. Hydewa’s GRP sandwich panels (insulation panels) can be used as partition walls, facing panels or ceiling panels in the interior. They are suitable for fast and flexible sandwich construction with high hygienic requirements. Depending on the application purpose, the panels are constructed with different core materials. The material composition ensures high thermal and sound insulation, and in the special production also fire safety. Our GRP panels are also available in the variants as damp room, cold room and fire protection panels. Standard GRP or Glasbord® as surface material form the outer layer of these differently constructed panels.