Glasbord® is GRP, but not all GRP is Glasbord®.

With Glasbord®, an innovative glass-fiber-reinforced plastic with a non-porous surface, Hydewa supplies customized hygiene solutions throughout Europe. Glasbord® is a material of Crane Composites Inc. (formerly Kemlite), headquartered in Channahon/Illinois (USA). Glasbord® means premium quality based on unbeatable properties that make it a premium product as such.The special Surfaseal film sealing ensures particularly easy and good cleanability. The surface does not provide a breeding ground for germs and microorganisms and does not yellow even when exposed to ammonia.  Food safety, durability and robustness are further properties of Glasbord®. Hydewa offers (link: text: Glasbord®) both as sheet material for direct bonding and as a top layer for sandwich panels. Glasbord® is available flat or textured and in various thicknesses and can be offered with diverse properties depending on requirements and application.