• top hygiene through preventing the formation of condensation and mould and the adhesion of germs and bacteria
  • effective ease of cleaning through pore-free surface treatment with Surfaseal
  • the glassfibre-reinforced synthetic resin is impact- and corrosion-resistant as well as hardwearing
  • high stability on exposure to acids and alkalis
  • available in B-S2-D0 (according to DIN EN 13501-1) and with FM-certificate
  • attractive, light-coloured appearance, up to the highest requirements of occupational physiology experts
  • abrasion-resistant surface, colour remains true even on exposure to ammonia
  • thermal comfort through optimum thermal insulation properties in sandwich panels
  • hygienic installation thanks to pipe-free installation and food-safe joint solutions
  • consistent incorporation of the provisions of current EU directives and all relevant EU standards
  • standard colour – white. For other colours s. “available colours” – on request
  • special solutions through cooperation with architects and air-conditioning and ventilation specialists


With Glasbord®, an innovative glassfibre-reinforced synthetic resin with a pore-free surface, Hydewa supplies customers all over the world with tailored hygiene solutions that excel through their hardwearing performance, ease of cleaning and installation, not to mention their pleasing appearance.










Surface finishing Surfaseal ensures an absolutely pore-free, elastic and highly durable wall and ceiling panel. The polyester film is uniformly incorporated onto the Glasbord® surface through a special processing technique. Through this, the panels provide decisive advantages compared to other surfaces.

Material variants
Different material variants (PWI, FXE, PSI etc.) for different applications in terms of in surface characteristics, fire protection class, the material thickness (1.9, 2.3 and 3.0 mm) and weight (1.54 kg/m² up to 4.84 kg/m²).

Incorporated identifier characteristics for the visual safety for the consumer also provide information about the origin and quality in the installed state.

Hydewa offers Glasbord® in various forms including sheet products. These can be delivered as dimensionally customized panels (width of 1.20 m and length 2.10 to 3.50 m) or coiled on a roll.

Glasbord® is available in different thicknesses (2.3 mm or 3 mm are common) and depending on the requirements and application areas, with various properties such as a fire protection class up to B, S2, D0 (FX-grade), as well as an extreme impact strength.

An overview of all FRP and Glasbord® materials in our product range can be found here.

Glasbord® can be applied using an applicator system, or manually directly onto the existing wall surfaces. For this, a specially tailored, flexible adhesive is applied. The full surface application promises a safe, fast and hygienically perfect result without cavities. Learn more under direct mounting.

Since 1991, Hydewa has supplied hygienic wall and ceiling systems made from Glasbord® in a consistently high product quality and processed over two million square metres of the multifunctional material – a continuous success story that can be traced back to our comprehensive service philosophy and above on the impressive qualities of Glasbord®:

The wide range of possible uses of Glasbord® makes it very popular in all hygienic-critical industries and an optimum solution for all company types from major industrial plants through to small family firms. The diversity of specifications available for Glasbord® – including GFP sandwich panels and special versions for use in cool-rooms, moist-rooms and as fire safety panels – makes it the right material for any purpose. With years of experience and having had our capabilities put to the test in many projects, Hydewa can guarantee the reliable and smooth implementation of all our projects.

Glasbord® especially impresses through its superior versatility. Therefore, the FRP surfaces can also be used as insulation or as partition wall panels for interior areas with sandwich panels. The fast and flexible sandwich panel construction is especially suitable for elevated hygienic demands.

Depending on the application purpose, the panels are constructed with different core materials. Commonly, expanded polystyrene (EPS), also in combination with polyurethane (PU) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) and mineral wool (MW) are used. The characteristics of the materials used provide for a high thermal and sound insulation. For custom-made products, we can also guarantee a fire safety.