Hygienic wall and ceiling systems.
For every industry.

Hydewa is your expert partner for wall and ceiling systems.

Hydewa is the right solution in all situations where rooms have to continuously fulfil the highest hygiene requirements. Above all it is in the food industry, a particularly critical area with strict regulations governing hygiene down to the smallest detail (for example in cheese-maturing rooms), where Hydewa GmbH has proved a professional and experienced developer of customer- and project-specific systems, providing tailored hygiene solutions over many years.

Supported by the research department and coherent quality management system of US-American Glasbord® manufacturer Crane Composites, Hydewa supplies ceiling and wall systems made from Glasbord® – a fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) – in a consistently excellent product quality. For over 20 years, Hydewa has been revolutionising the world of building hygiene, processing two million square metres of this sandwich panel with its surface specially treated to guarantee optimum food hygiene. Successful cooperation proven on many projects with designers, architects and air-conditioning and ventilation engineers, allows Hydewa GmbH to provide clients with complete solutions that lead the field in the hygienic food production industry sector.

In addition to production, storage and maturing facilities, Hydewa's special panels can also be used in moist- and cool-rooms to ensure trouble-free hygienic conditions. With its multifunctional fire safety panels, the company also makes an impressive contribution to achieving comprehensive and safe fire protection concepts.

Just a matter of course for Hydewa: These revolutionary Glasbord® products are not only available with a range of coordinated accessories from practical end mouldings to food-safe joints – they are backed up with individual advice and a network of expert national and international installation partners.

We offer panels for all application areas

  • Food industry (milk-cheese / meat-sausage / bakery pasta / fish)
  • Kitchen + catering
  • Healthcare (hospital, laboratory, clean rooms)
  • Sanitary (bathrooms, WC, wellness, washrooms, changing rooms)
  • Hobby + agriculture (hunting, fish farming, beekeeping, stable building)