Clean rooms

Cleanliness right into the last joint

Easy to assemble wall and ceiling panels made of FRP

Clean rooms are highly sensitive areas. Adverse effects from foreign substances, especially dust and contamination, must be avoided at all costs. A well thought-out and effective hygiene concept is necessary to keep these rooms hygienically clean in the long term. Hydewa’s GRP and Glasbord® solutions are moisture-resistant and very easy to clean. Microorganisms are given no chance to settle in, as the special Surfaseal coating of Glasbord® ensures an absolutely pore-free surface. Glasbord® surfaces even have a cleanroom certification of classes 5-8 according to ISO 14644-1.

Hydewa is your competent partner for hygienic, easy-to-install ceiling and wall systems and offers various installation solutions, e.g. practical corner strips, wall end profiles and jointing solutions. We tailor all our services perfectly to your room requirements and prevent even the smallest crack.

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