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Do your premises need to meet certain hygienic, sterile conditions?

Should they be easy and quick to clean, resistant to chemicals such as alkalis and acids, and offer no attack surface for microorganisms?

Does the quality of your products and not least the existence of your business depend on the strict compliance with food hygiene requirements? If you can answer these questions with YES, then Hydewa is your perfect contact. Our ceiling and wall solutions meet all these requirements. Get Hydewa, the system developer for panels made of Glasbord®, a glass fiber reinforced resin (GFRP), an expert for high-quality construction hygiene on board and get to know us!

But beware! There are no standard solutions off the shelf at Hydewa. We want to know exactly how you think and work, where your priorities lie, what problems you are dealing with, what requirements you have for room cladding, hygiene, quality and functionality. Together with you, we carefully analyze the production processes and special requirements of your company in order to create a hygiene concept tailored to the needs of your business. In doing so, we often develop the optimal solution in cooperation with a proven network of architects, planners, suppliers, installation companies and specialists for climate and ventilation technology.

Anyone looking for hygienically flawless complete solutions for their company cannot avoid Hydewa We are your competent partner for ceiling and wall systems. In the last 20 years, for example, we have processed over two million square meters of Glasbord®. Do you know any company that has delivered as much?