You need rooms in which you can produce, cool and store food under absolutely hygienic conditions?

Your company has a research or production facility that requires quasi-sterile conditions?

The quality of your products and not least the continued existence of your business depends on strict adherence to food hygiene requirements?

If you answer only one of these questions with YES, then you need the services of a professional to equip your rooms with absolutely hygienic ceiling and wall solutions. Get in touch with Hydewa, the system developer for panels manufactured from Glasbord®, a fibreglass-reinforced synthetic resin (GFP), and an expert in building hygiene.

But take note: Standard solutions off the shelf do not exist at Hydewa. We like to know precisely how you think and work. Where your focus of attention lies, what problems you are struggling with, your requirements for room cladding, hygiene, quality and functionality. Working closely with you, we carefully analyse your production sequences and special requirements to create a hygiene concept tailored to your particular needs. In arriving at the concept, we often cooperate with a proven network of architects, designers, suppliers, installers and experts in air-conditioning and ventilation.

Those who seek absolutely hygienic complete solutions for their companies cannot afford to overlook Hydewa. In the last 20 years for example, we have processed over two million square metres of Glasbord® in our products. Do you know of any other company that has supplied as much?