Clean and easy to care!

Hydewa systems for hunting, fish farming and livestock farming

Due to their excellent properties and universal application possibilities, Hydewa systems offer the optimal solution for almost all areas of daily life.

Whether in agriculture, hunting, fish farming and even beekeeping, hygiene is an issue that concerns everyone.

Our GRP products are characterized by durability and robustness and can be used in areas where heavy soiling occurs on a daily basis (e.g. stables, walkways, animal washing facilities, etc.). Manure and ammoniacal excreta are no problem for Glasbord®. This does not discolor even under this load. GRP ceiling and wall systems can also be used in highly sensitive areas such as milking parlors, milk storage, slaughter rooms).

Perfect hygiene, sanitation, durability, easy to clean and friendly aesthetics.

Properties that are now required even in the hobby sector, for example, in the construction of a game room.

Our products — your advantages