Good reasons for Vossko = Good reasons for Hydewa

Founded in 1982, Vossko GmbH & Co.KG is a convenience specialist for poultry, beef and pork as well as vegetarian and vegan items in frozen and chilled.

Together with food retailers, industry and food service at home and abroad, Vossko develops modern and innovative product ideas and vouches for products of the highest quality at the Ostbevern site as a fast-growing family business with over 600 employees.

During the construction of the new production halls 4 and 5 for the expansion of the production facilities in Ostbevern, the requirement B-s2-d0 was placed on our material, which was fulfilled by our RP sandwich panel and with our Glasbord® surface.

This time, a total of approximately 10,000 m² of Glasbord® will be installed by the company G+H Münster.

We would like to thank the company Vossko GmbH & Co. KG opposite Hydewa GmbH.

A successful proof of the perfect interaction of customer, installation company, Hydewa.