Schloss Fels

“We currently see no alternative to GLASBORD.”

Best quality for the highest demands – with this principle in mind, SPAR Österreichische Warenhandels-AG acquired the Schloss Fels winery in Fels am Wagram (Lower Austria), including its 34 hectares of vineyards. Over the years, the winery has been completely modernized and also enlarged.

The cellars can now store around 6.4 million liters of wine, and with almost 90 hectares of yield area, Weingut Schloss Fels is now one of the largest wineries in Austria.
The wines of the Weingut Schloss Fels range come from the winery’s own vineyards on the Rohrendorfer Berg and on the gentle terraces of the Wagram – both of which are among the best sites in Austria. In addition, around 70 winegrowers from the region supply their grapes from a total of 100 hectares of cultivated land exclusively to Weingut Schloss Fels for further processing.

The trust of customers and cooperating vintners is an obligation. Thus, for the managing director of Schloss Fels, Klaus Klein, a consistently high quality of the noble drops as well as the best production conditions are always an indispensable asset. Klein also makes no compromises when it comes to optimally hygienic wall cladding in the production and storage areas: 460 m2 of glass shelf® from hydewa was installed in the bottling, production and distillery, and 2080 m2 in the wine tank farm. “For our needs, Glasbord® is perfectly adequate, even in the long term,” says the managing director, praising the ease with which Glasbord® can be cleaned of wine and grape must stains, as well as the impressive resistance of the glass-fiber-reinforced synthetic resin panels to organic acids and alkaline cleaners. “We currently see no alternative to Glasbord®.”