Weingut Kolkmann

With numerous revolutionary pioneering contributions to winemaking behind it, the name of Lenz Moser has been inextricably linked with the history of Austrian viticulture since 1849. The objective of the winery, based in Rohrendorf near Krems, Austria, has remained the same for over 150 years: to offer the wine connoisseur a balanced selection of wines in a range of qualities and price levels and therefore to cater for the individual concepts of values and personal tastes of every single consumer. The pleasure of wine comes from nature alone according to “Maître de Chai” Ernest Großauer, wine expert at Lenz Moser since 1976, who says: “Nature has provided in abundance. Everything that a great wine needs, she supplies. Our task is very simple: to get the maximum of the treasure held in each grape into the bottle.” The Maître de Chai is in no doubt that maximising quality largely depends on achieving the best possible conditions for production and storage.

Therefore the owners of the winery were quite deliberate in their choice of Glasbord®, because they wished to cover the insulated
vaulted ceiling in the cellar carved out of the rock in 1955 by directly gluing a practical and hygienic wall cladding on to it.

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