Mounting - Sandwich panels

  • Sandwich-System with hidden fixing and robust sealing are designed for new buildings or restoration. (e.g. for cool rooms, maturing rooms, slaughterhouses, production rooms, packing rooms etc.).
  • Mounting on walls: Sandwichpanels can be built as self standing walls with covering on both sides or as wall decoration.
  • Mounting on ceilings: directly to ceilings or as construction for suspended ceiling

Hydewa sandwich panels are characterised by high quality, robust surfaces, good insulation and durability. We manufacture in a standard size of 1.19 m width and lengths up to 12m. Due to the fact that the layers can be selected and combined individually, we are able to respond to individual customer requirements. The properties of the panels can thus be adapted to the specific application. A production according to high standards and continuous quality control ensures extremely low dimensional deviations.

Mounting of the sandwich panels from hydewa