Ceiling support profiles and panel joint covers

Hydewa ceiling support profiles provide the ideal support to Glasbord® sandwich panels in wall and ceiling installations.



- quick and easy installation
- tasteful concealment of e.g. installed pipework
- walkable ceilings possible
- aesthetically pleasing, light, bright rooms for a pleasant working environment

Illustrationname sizeorder-Nr.purpose
M10 threaded rod10 (pcs) á
1000 x 10 mm
1910511 m
threaded rod
M10 threaded rod10 (pcs)
2000 x 10 mm
1910522 m
threaded rod
M 10 socket joint20 (pcs) 191053

accessory to connect threaded rods



T-Profile T851 (pcs) à
4000 x 85 x 68 mm
600T85profile to suspend ceiling elements
T-Profile T1301 (pcs) à
4000 x 130 x 79 mm
600T130profile to suspend ceiling elements
OME 1101 (pcs) à
4000 x 110 x 23 mm
600O110profile to suspend ceiling elements
OME 1501 (pcs) à
4000 x 150 x 24 mm
600O150profile to suspend ceiling elements
CEBES1001 (pcs) à
4000 x 100 x 22 mm
600C100profile to suspend ceiling elements
CEBES1301 (pcs) à
4000 x 130 x 24 mm
600C130profile to suspend ceiling elements
OMES - L1 (pcs) à
40 x 60 mm
600BEFL(element for) OME150 und CEBES130
OMES - S1 (pcs) à
20 x 60 mm
600BEFS(element for) OME110 und CEBES100
CLIP SJ8, SJ10 & SJ121 (pcs) à
20 x 40 mm
Clip for threaded rods size 8, 10 or 12