Standard solutions are commonplace for us, but we regard individual solutions as a challenge.

Together with our customers, we analyze production processes and the special requirements of each individual company in detail in order to create an optimal concept for customized building hygiene.

As a system developer, we offer project-specific, well thought-out complete solutions. This includes conception, planning, construction support and aftercare – a professional overall package. Thanks to many years of cooperation, we can complement this with the know-how of architects, planners and specialists in air-conditioning and ventilation technology.

Crane Composites Inc. – formerly Kemlite – is one of our specialized partners. Detailed knowledge and a wide range of experience from particularly hygiene-sensitive areas such as the food industry round off our range of products.

However, the most important thing is products that meet the highest hygiene standards and that can deliver in terms of quality and technical capabilities what we have worked out together in the planning stage.

The focus is on our sandwich panels made of Glasbord®, a glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP), which we export to numerous countries as the largest international sales partner of the manufacturer Kemlite outside the USA and exclusive supplier. In the meantime, Glasbord® has already become a synonym for high-quality GRP panels in professional circles at home and abroad and the optimal solution for hygienic ceiling and wall systems.

Our Glasbord® sandwich systems can be individually adapted to the respective areas of application and operating requirements and are also available as cold room panels, wet room panels or fire protection panels. Thanks to the non-porous surface finish, Surfaseal, the GRP panel meets the strictest requirements of relevant guidelines for food hygiene.

Complementary components such as base and corner strips as well as wall end profiles, collision protection to prevent damage, special adhesives for permanently reliable fastening or food-safe jointing materials ensure optimum hygiene right down to the last corner.

Do you have a specific hygiene requirement to solve in your premises?

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