Fire protection requirements – we're keeping up

The requirements for structural fire protection are ever-increasing in Europe. In many cases, a highly flame-retardant material is demanded. With our Glasbord FXE, we are able to meet the fire classification B-s2-d0 (flame-retardant, medium smoke, no dripping off) according to the European directive. Something that hardly any other FRP-based surface material is able to achieve, which to our knowledge is also the only FRP with this qualification approved as a building material in Germany.

Due to our latest test we now can offer a smooth FRP with the same requirements - Glasbord FSFM.

Both surfaces have a FM-Approval. This helps to lower the costs for the fire-insurance.


Additional studies have shown that sandwich panels coated with sheet steel, which were additionally equipped with FXE by us, are able to achieve the classification C-s2-d0. For 170mm an thicker even B-s2-d0.

Our sandwich-panels with PIR core and FXE cover reach the classification C-s3-d0.