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Here you can find a few projects for which we planned and implemented impressive building hygiene concepts in the field of manufacture of milk and cheese products


Hygiene in Dairy

Compliance with a comprehensive hygiene plays a particularly important role in food processing companies. In addition to the best possible hygiene in the production, there are also special requirements for the wall and ceiling systems in production rooms, as they significantly affect the hygiene cycle. For the lining of their newly-built production hall and cheese ripening rooms J. Bauer GmbH & Co. KG in Wasserburg decided to use the Glasbord wall and ceiling panels. "The material is really good!" (Herbert Schlich, Winkelplast)


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Dorfsennerei Schlins-Röns

"We know what we need - and therefore only the systems of Hydewa are an option for us."
Thomas Kaufmann, Operations Manager.

The cooperative Dorf-Sennerei Schlins-Röns, whose history dates back to the 19th century, exclusively produces traditional mountain cheese made from raw milk.

In a time when the farmers who deliver milk to the local dairy processing plant are constantly declining, a small dairy operation can only survive if it meets the highest quality standards. To meet these high demands the company decided to utilize Glasbord® panels from Hydewa. Two ripening cellars, the storage room, the wash room, as well as the connecting passage to the old building now have ceilings and walls covered with Glasbord®.

"Reliable hygiene and the subsequent cost aspect were decisive for our decision to select the system from Hydewa. Additionally, the new equipment had to absolutely avoid mould growth and the reactions caused by the ammonia which develops during the ripening process."
T. Kaufmann

In the ripening rooms, there is an air humidity between 96 - 98%. If the raw material is utilize here is possible that condensation could form. If, in the worst-case, this water drips onto the fine cheese it will become useless. With the Glasbord® system used here, a condensation and thus a mould adhesion is impossible. Routing work, such as drain or electrical lines, are never routed through holes in the wall, but rather always laid on top of the panels, in order to prevent the formation of condensation around the bore holes.

The technical data:

Project: New construction of the ripening cellars, the warehouse, the washing room and the connection hallway to the old building

Material; Glassbord® FX sandwich elements in various thicknesses from 140-240 mm

Wall / ceiling surface: Approx. 2,000 m2, approx. 33 round corners

LAir humidity: 96 - 98 %

Tirolmilch / Wörgl

With its roughly 5,000 Tyrolean milk suppliers and an annual throughput of about 220 million kilograms of milk, the Austrian Tirol Milch cooperative is one of the largest dairy companies in Austria. With many years of experience and tradition, as well as state-of-the-art technology, the cooperative aims to guarantee the best product quality for its customers.

The task formulation:

Several years ago, Tirol Milch already opted to utilize the Glasbord® wall panels from Hydewa. The FRP panels from a competitor were used for a later construction, which subsequently unattractively discoloured after some time through the high ammonia loading in the ripening rooms of the cheese farm. Because the company never encountered any problems with the Glasbord® products, due to the surface finishing of the material, Hydewa was commissioned to carry out the ripening room refurbishing.

The hygienically perfect solution: Glasbord® by Hydewa

Since Tirol Milch never uses any preservatives in its milk products, the adherence to the highest hygiene standards is already an essential factor during the manufacturing and processing. One of the prerequisites for this is that the rooms can be easily cleaned and disinfected - a requirement that is optimally guaranteed by Surfaseal®, the pore-free surface finishing of the Hydewa panels. In addition, all supply lines were routed within a closed system. Through this, it is possible to avoid drilling through walls, and thus effectively prevent a condensation and mould growth. An optimal air circulation should also be achieved through rounded corners, thus reducing the occurrence of turbulences.

The technical data:

Project: New furnishing of ripening rooms (humidity 96 to 98 %)

"Material: Glasbord® sandwich elements in different thicknesses from 60 to 240 mm for wall and ceiling surfaces: approx. 2,500 m²             approx. 25 m round corners 200 m² direct mounting

The satisfied customer:

“Whit Glasbord® there were never any complaints."
(Thomas Osl, Site Manager of the Tirol Milch, Wörgl)

Bergkäserei Zillertal

“Our recipes haven't changed over the years, but through technology advancements many things became easier."
A. Hirschhuber, owner of the Bergkäserei Zillertal.

Quality and reliability was particularly important to the head of the Bergkäserei Zillertal during the furnishing of the ripening rooms. The cheese farm, which has been family-owned and operated since 1921, produces 800 tons of finest mountain cheese annually.

The two newly constructed ripening rooms with a floor-space of 700 m² and a height 6 m should meet the highest demands. "We simply wanted to be technically fully up to date. Also with the aim of complying with all current and future EU policy guidelines", is how Mr. Hirschhuber justified the decision to utilize the panel system from Hydewa.

"There is no other provider with this vast range of experience."
A. Hirschhuber.

The structured FRP wall panels have been mounted in the ripening room as a self-supporting system. The advantage of this is:
There are no connection points required to the facade. Because the building facade “shifts” over the course of time, joint cracks could develop for systems which are connected to the wall - these cracks could lead to the formation of condensation water. In the fully self-supporting system from Hydewa this is excluded.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the Hydewa wall and ceiling system to an even greater degree, an innovative hard 2-K joint material was utilized, which provides the advantage that no mould can develop.
In addition, soft joints which are incorporated at a distance of 10-15 meters were also used.

The technical data:

Project: New construction of the ripening centre

Utilized material: Glassbord® FX sandwich elements in various thicknesses from 140-240 mm wall/ceiling surface: Approx. 2,200 m2, approx. 26 m round corners, approx. 500 m2 direct mounting air humidity: 96 - 98 %