Don't give germs a chance!

Hydewa systems in cheese and milk production

In the production of milk and cheese products, specialist companies must observe a multitude of food regulations and product-specific manufacturing principles. Hygiene is a particular area in which lawmakers are expecting not only adherence to the relevant codes of practice but also a consequential increasing amount of responsibility from companies. This is where Hydewa GmbH can help guarantee compliance with the latest standards through the high technology invested in its ceiling and wall panels.

Above all with well-thought-out hygiene concepts for cheese-maturing rooms, Hydewa has made its name as a highly competent hygiene service provider to the milk-processing industry. Working with experts in air-conditioning and ventilation, Hydewa provides the essential preconditions for hygienic, healthy food products, not only in terms of the precise relative humidity and absence of condensation required in the production and storage rooms but also the best possible level of freedom from germs, thanks to sandwich panels made from Glasbord®, a fibreglass-reinforced synthetic resin.

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You can find our reference projects for the milk and cheese production sector here.


Our products - your advantages

  • meet extreme hygiene requirements
  • rugged products with a long service life
  • insensitive to moisture
  • easy to clean
  • resistant to many chemicals
  • FRP is resistant to mould
  • Easy to install