Our achievements speak for themselves!

We believe: Nothing is more convincing about the capability of a company than pertinent references.

Here you can find a few projects for which we planned and implemented impressive building hygiene concepts in the field of food for catering.

Airline catering

The office partnership TB Planquadrat of the engineers Robert Obereder and Heinz Gerhart was found 14 years ago, has three employees and has specialized in the fields of kitchen planning and commercial refrigeration. Each year the office creates Glasbord designed for about 1500 to 2000 square meters in various areas, including smaller kitchens from 60 sqm up to 200 sqm. References include Huber Landhauskeller in Graz, Virgil Bildungshaus in Salzburg or the Technical University in Vienna ...


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MC Donalds

Glasbord at McDonalds
Glasbord at McDonalds

MC Donalds Austria

Engineer Leopold Rathauscher, head of the McDonald construction division in Austria for three years. In order to meet the ever increasing hygiene requirements, a few years ago the construction division of McDonald's approached architects and planners with the task of researching actual alternatives to conventional tiles. Driven by the constant ambition to develop the best possible solutions for the problems at hand, research was conducted to find a material which, in addition to applications in new buildings, was also suited to perform renovations in the sensitive areas of kitchens in a visually appealing manner ...

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MC Donalds UK

Hydewa (UK) Ltd. delivered the Glasbord system to McDonald's in Leigh, Lancashire for the kitchen areas of the restaurant. The product was given the preference before all other products, and it was tested for a long time by the staff! ....

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Adventure Catering, Vienna

Exclusive, with exquisite arrangements for up to 3000 people, and continuously new compositions: Adventure Catering is the successful company that head chef Oliver Scheiblauer founded in 1999 together with Alexander and Stefan Eichinger. The heart of the creative-culinary company: Since August 2006, the cooking is performed in a new 400 square meter kitchen (including storage and cold storage) for the catering company in Vienna-Floridsdorf.

The task formulation:

For the new kitchen, the team of Adventure Catering didn't make any sacrifices in terms of hygiene regarding the highest level of quality. Chef de Cuisine Oliver Scheiblauer placed a key importance on two factors of his new workspace regarding the construction hygienic facilities: The wall cladding used shouldn't just be hygienically flawless, but also offer easy and effective cleaning characteristics.

The hygienically perfect solution: Glasbord® by Hydewa

In the large kitchen of Adventure Catering, approx. 500 square meters of Glasbord® wall cladding were installed. Thereby, the panels were directly mounted onto the plastered and plasterboard covered walls. An extremely economical and fast form of direct mounting, which especially provides many benefits in the sanitary areas.

The technical data:

Project: New equipment of a 400 sqm kitchen

Material: Glasbord® sandwich panel wall surface: approx. 500 m²

The satisfied customer:

"Glasbord® panels are simply perfect. Easy cleaning, no joints and no pores are the best prerequisite for a superior hygiene."

(Chef de Cuisine Oliver Scheiblauer)


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