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Hydewa's catering solutions

With an abundance of fresh ingredients and fantastic culinary creations of the highest product quality, catering is one of the most fascinating branches of gastronomy. At the same time however, it is also one of the trickiest when it comes to food hygiene! Only if the proper conditions can be maintained on the routes from the kitchen through the cool-room to the storage room, can enjoying finger food or film catering be sure to be a harmless pleasure - a job for the hygiene specialists from Hydewa!

With Glasbord®, a sandwich panel manufactured from glassfibre-reinforced plastic (GFP), Hydewa's hygiene specialists provide a top-class hygienic performance in the field of ceiling and wall cladding. Enhanced by the pore-free, extremely easy-to-clean Surfaseal®-treated surface, Glasbord® even fulfils the stringent requirements for working surfaces in the food preparation industry. Top-class hygiene for top-class gastronomy!

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You can find our reference projects for the catering sector here!

Our products - your advantages

  • FRP doesn't provide any attack surface for micro-organisms
  • moisture-resistant
  • well cleanable
  • aesthetically and visually appealing
  • resistant to many chemicals
  • easy to install