What do a cheese-maturing room, the production rooms of a wholesale bakery and a medical laboratory have in common? – Correct answer: To ensure the high quality of their products or services, they all need an environment that satisfies the highest hygiene requirements.

With the bar for hygiene requirements being continuously raised (especially in the hygiene-critical food industry), producers are often faced with a mountain of questions and problems that usually only an expert hygiene service provider can solve.

At Hydewa: The diversity of production areas (for example drinks, meat and milk products), project peculiarities (partial solutions or a complete concept) and company types (industrial concern or family-managed small business) means there are no standard solutions. A specific hygiene concept is drawn up for each end customer – a principle that has taught us many lessons and strengthened our specialisation in our main field and in many niche products.

Discover for yourself on the following pages the industries in which Hydewa – primarily with Glasbord®, the fibreglass reinforced plastic panel system – is the name for trouble-free hygienic ceiling and wall systems.