Your direct line to Hydewa

Being close to your customer is not just a empty phrase to us, it is a valued business principle. Do you have a question for us, a particular requirement or even some criticism? - Then just contact us!

Here is a list of contacts to call or you can use our contact form.


Kristine Fleet

Administration Director


Tel: +44 (0) 7747 010984



Harald Gradwohl
Managing Director Domestic Sales
e-mail:  harald[at]

Jörg Helbig
Managing Director Technical & International Sales (Export)
e-mail:  joerg[at]

Tyler Pinney
Managing Director Administration / Finance, Logistics, Production
e-mail: tgpinney[at]

Frauke Döhla
E-Mail: fd.admin[at]

Markus Herde
Technical Department Manager
e-mail: markus[at]

Arbenita Hajdaraj
Email arbenita[at]

Email nathalie[at]

Bernd Hoffmann
Product Manager
e-mail bernd[at]

Thomas Mandler
Gebietsvertretung Ost

Tel: 0172 36 41 69 1
Email thomas[at]

Thies Ruhberg
Gebietsvertretung Nord West

Tel: 0151 56 62 88 47
Email thies[at]