Hydewa conducts its own manufacturing - which includes the highest product quality

  • Production of the own sandwich panels since October 2013
  • Specialist knowledge and many years of experience contained in the own operation
  • Variable combinations of sandwich panels
  • Continuous further development and optimisation of our products
  • Independent product tests
  • All the benefits from the development remain in-house

Hydewa is your competent partner in terms of construction hygiene in the food industry and in healthcare field. But we didn't just make a name for ourselves as the distribution partner for Glasbord®, the aesthetical and multifunctional FRP premium product of the U.S. company of Crane Composites.  

Since October 2013 we have expanded our know-how and our many years of experience through the in-house production of sandwich panels. We offer various variable combinations of these panels. We are steadily further developing our products, and optimizing them within our own company. Through this, we are able to provide you with the high degree of quality for our sandwich panels, which has been affirmed by independent test institutes through regular product tests.